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Hosted VOIP Solutions for Businesses in Melbourne

Communicate with VoIP and save

We are a business VoIP provider in Australia. Slash your phone bill with high quality, heavily discounted VoIP phone plans, negotiated for NineWire clients.

VoIP can save companies a fortune which is why it’s quickly becoming the preferred method of communication or businesses of all sizes – even yours.  The VoIP technology is proven, reliable and at a business grade offers perfect call quality.

VoIP will help your company:

  • Eliminate expensive phone line rentals.
  • Access incredibly cheap call rates.
  • Access extra VoIP phone lines for free.
  • Link multiple sites and remote workers.

What is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)?

Rather than calls going over copper and traditional phone line infrastructure, VoIP allows calls to go over internet connections. This is oversimplifying sophisticated technology, but that is the gist of it.

This means that VoIP providers don’t have to pay exorbitant wholesale rates, allowing them to offer you incredibly low call rates whilst still providing you with reliable high quality phone calls.

NineWire Broadband & VoIP is a perfect marriage

If you’re looking for an ultra-reliable VoIP service, (and which business isn’t?) matching the service rates we have negotiated for our clients, with our fully managed router service (MRS) will ensure you get one of the best VoIP solutions in the country.

Unlike conventional internet, an MRS Service allows your internet connection to be monitored – ensuring your internet uptime and quality 24/7.

You can rest assured we’ll be instantly notified if there is even the slightest issue with your service well before you do.

If you’re using VoIP, this gives you the best and most stable call quality and is a perfect addition to any VoIP service.

We can slash your phone bill!




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Transfer your phone system to the cloud to save more

Just like Cloud9 is the smarter cloud solution for your I.T., hosted PBX phones are the modern versions of phone systems.

Unlike traditional phones, there’s no in-office system and no complex installation. Plus, you get all the features of a top of the range phone system at a fraction of the price.

How does a hosted phone system work?

Just like a cloud I.T. network, a hosted PBX connects to a host, or provider, in the cloud, and the handsets throughout your office simply plug into the network router (in your office.)

You can literally plug a hosted phone handset into any internet connection, anywhere in the world, and be instantly connected to your office network.

Hosted PBX phones can save you money

Our VoIP partners offer very competitive fixed monthly fees which can save you money.

Hosted phone systems has now become arguably the most popular type of phone system deployed in Australia today.

With hosted VoIP you can:

  • Eliminate expensive phone line rentals
  • Obtain cheaper call rates.
  • Install additional VoIP phone lines for free
  • Get all the features you need

And in the future as you grow and expand, you simply buy another handset and plug it in!

NineWire Broadband & Hosted PBX phones offer peace of mind

When deploying a hosted VoIP solution you need ultra-reliable VoIP and uptime. This is why NineWire offers a fully managed router service (MRS) to achieve this.

Unlike conventional internet, an MRS service allows NineWire to monitor your internet uptime and quality 24/7 to ensure it’s ultra-reliable.

In the unlikely event something happens, NineWire will know if there is even the slightest issue with your hosted service well before you do.

If you’re using hosted PBX phone systems a NineWire MRS gives you the best and most stable call quality and is a brilliant partner for your hosted solution.

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