Private Cloud

Ninewire Private Cloud

We can help your business create a cloud-based
solution that suits your needs.

A private cloud is a scalable environment that’s built on infrastructure dedicated purely to your business.

NineWire will work directly and diligently with you to design, deploy and run your private cloud, as well as migrate any software you plan to utilise.

Whether you host it within your data centre, a partner data centre or through a NineWire Data facility, you’ll get the agility and efficiency of an OpenStack-based public cloud for your very own use.

Our cloud solution, mainly based on a Linux and OpenStack platform, provides stability and optimum performance. We can also develop customised solutions for whatever your business requires.

Our Private Cloud offering includes:

  • Private cloud for corporate environment
  • Private desktop virtualization
  • Disaster recover any site replication

Private Cloud

Get a cloud-based solution that suits your needs!





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