We partner with some of the world’s best known brands.

[genesis_column size=”one-third” position=”first”] Whether you’re after some basic hardware or a complete infrastructure refresh, NineWire can provide the solution that best fits your needs.

We maintain solid business partnerships with the industry’s leading I.T. vendors and distributors so you benefit from our close relationships and large-scale buying power to receive great value on hardware and software purchases.

Our I.T. Procurement services include:

Asset lifecycle management

An end-to-end management process for all your hardware and software assets. We cover planning, purchasing, configuration, installation, production support and maintenance, and can assist with decommissioning with secure and environmentally sensitive disposal options.

This may involve anything from understanding I.T. expenditures and developing strategies to reduce total cost of ownership, through to managing ongoing compliance, cost and supplier performance.

[/genesis_column][genesis_column size=”one-third”]The outsourcing of I.T. procurement services can be a very cost effective way to drive results in areas that often go under managed in an organisation.

NineWire’s approach for delivering I.T. Procurement Services is one of partnership:

  • Partnership with our clients to ensure we understand their business, management processes, and specific I.T. requirements
  • Partnership with our vendors to ensure we provide our clients with the latest and most competitive product information and pricing
  • Partnership with Australia ‘s leading distributors to ensure we offer the most efficient procurement processes and timely delivery of product.

Through these partnerships NineWire are able to deliver a fast and efficient procurement service to help manage the ever increasing purchasing demands within an organisation.

[/genesis_column][genesis_column size=”one-third” position=”last”]NineWire can provide and install most I.T. equipment required by a business such as:

  • PCs
  • Laptops & accessories
  • Servers
  • Network equipment such as routers and switches
  • Printers
  • Software such as Office, Adobe and Antivirus
  • Microsoft licensing



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