IT Services Provider Melbourne

A gap exists in the offerings of Cloud Service Providers and Managed Services Providers. Cloud Service Providers generally demarcate the management overlay once you leave the data centre, while Managed Service Providers focus on the equipment located at your place of business such as workstations, printers and networking equipment.

NineWire, as a Managed Services Provider, has developed an IT consumption model to specifically support businesses seeking to deploy infrastructure to the cloud and want their IT management overlay to extend to the head office (and branch offices).

NineWire’s IT-as-a-Service provides:

  • Service consumption
  • Operations delivery
  • Technology delivery

‘IT as a Service’ delivers cloud driven IT services from workstation to the server. ‘IT as a Service’ is the evolution of IT delivery, offering pricing and rate sheets for all consumable IT services, whether in the cloud or not.

At its core, 'IT as a Service' will offer your business financial transparency, operations and technology delivery.

Financial Transparency

‘IT as a Service’ separates supply from demand, while service capacity is created just-in-time. Services are generated from an approved inventory stored in a service catalogue, with clear pricing and deliverables. The pricing is "consumption based" that is, metered based on predictable costs delivered only when you need it.  NineWire can include many third party solutions under this model as well ISP, software and hardware.

IT Operations Delivery

IT becomes a service delivery provider, more so than a technology builder. This fundamental shift focuses on delivering services (internal and external) to the customer to meet your requirements.  This mindset means we deliver a Services Manager responsible for ensuring services, products and delivery meet end user expectations and goals.

Technology Delivery

‘IT as a Service’ is not about new technology so much as how technology is used, and by whom.  Virtualised, automated, and converged infrastructure (cloud componentry) is used to quickly adjust to changing business conditions. NineWire’s team of IT generalists and IT support staff with horizontal service delivery capabilities has the necessary automation skills to deliver.  

NineWire’s ‘IT as a Service’ solution will help you to transform how IT is delivered to your organisation, remove capital expenditure (CAPEX) from your IT budget, and utilise equipment that is always fit for purpose. 

If you are ready to experience IT as a business enabler rather than a roadblock, contact NineWire today.