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Are you really accounting for your IT spend?

We act as an extension of your organisation

NineWire takes the stress out of managing IT processes, allowing accountants to focus on core business objectives.

We work with small to medium-sized accounting firms and act as an extension of their organisation.

We find that a common theme when it comes to IT spending is a dissatisfaction with complexity or cost. For accounting firms especially, the cost of managing and maintaining these systems is of primary concern.

The ideal scenario is to combine a cloud-based solution with a holistic provider that understands accounting software.

Security and reliability are huge factors when you consider what the cost to your business would be if you couldn’t access your systems for half an hour, one hour or in worst case scenarios, days.

Migrating to the cloud enables you to change from a capital expenditure model to an operational, pay-as-you-use expenditure model.

Download our free paperĀ to learn more about the real costs of IT management, how productivity links to cost savings, system flexibility and the best way to ensure your IT solution is secure.

We take the stress out of managingĀ I.T. processes!




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