Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)

Why is migrating to IPv6 important for your business?

NineWire has migrated to Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) the next generation of internet protocol. It is the latest address system for internet devices, allowing enhanced network and security capabilities.

At present, NineWire is one of the few Australian organisations fully migrated to IPv6, and can provide advice and support to businesses considering making the switch. With the IPv4 space becoming scarce at a rapid rate, migration is essential for many companies, particularly those building new networks.

According to Dimuthu Parussalla,  CIO at NineWire, IPv6 has many advantages, such as improved flexibility and faster connectivity. “It is essential that your network effectively supports your business objectives,” Parussalla says. “IPv6 may be critical for businesses experiencing strong growth and/or planning to adopt new systems or applications.

How will IPv6 help improve your business?

  • Faster network communications using less overhead.
  • Eliminates internet bottlenecks inherent with IPv4.
  • Easier access to mail and web servers by eliminating NAT (Network Address Translation).
  • Simplified management of IPSEC tunnels due to inbuilt security.


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