Managed Router Service (MRS)

NineWire Managed Router Service

A router is the key to connectivity between the internet and your business.

NineWire use Cisco routers due to their scalability and intelligent software. Choosing NineWire to manage your company’s routers will allow you to determine the root cause of any network-related issues as and when they arise.

This will greatly reduce company time invested in troubleshooting and prevention, resulting in substantial cost savings and productivity improvement within your business. Our comprehensive report provides information related to your traffic activity.

Ninewire Managed Router Service Features

NineWire’s comprehensive managed router service will provide analysis using Cisco IOS-based features, such as SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), Netflow and IP Accounting.

By introducing NineWire’s managed router service to your company, you will be able to narrow down network faults, congestion and security threats to the closest detail.

Key Inclusions of the NineWire Managed Router Service Programme

  • Unlimited Remote Support for monitored internet links.
  • 24/7 monitoring with auto ticket creation and alerts.
  • Monthly performance reporting.

NineWire’s network operations centre captures live snapshots from all your routers. This enables us to diagnose traffic flow.

Our highly-trained, motivated staff members monitor real-time flow and faults during business hours. After hours, automated alarms will notify our on-call staff to aid your company with faster response times.

The captured data can be used to pinpoint local area network or wide area network bottlenecks, viruses, Spyware and other related security threats.

NineWire keeps raw packet data up for one month, enabling us to provide any comprehensive security analysis reporting required for events, such as DDOS (Distributed Denial of Services), DOS (Denial of Service) and other unusual security vulnerabilities like Port Scans.

Reports can be generated, submitted or produced at the request of the user.

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Benefits of using our Managed Router Service

Cost Savings

Using NineWire to monitor your routers will allow us to determine the root and cause of any network issues immediately. This will reduce the timely task of issue diagnosis from hours to minutes, resulting in substantial cost savings to your business and increased productivity.

Minimise Network Downtime

NineWire’s managed services can reduce the number of emergency incidents which have the potential to negatively impact and affect the success of your business, such as security risks and network bottlenecks.

Increased Employee Productivity

By ensuring your internet links are monitored, the business incident resolution process time is reduced; resulting in increased employee productivity levels.

Increased Network Speed

By utilising NineWire’s managed router service, we can pinpoint any network problems and where they may be located.

Identify Spyware and Internet-related Threats

NineWire’s managed router service can identify computers that regularly get affected from Spyware and internet-related threats. We will be able to prevent these attacks from happening in future with our real-time managed system monitoring.

Increased Internet Speed

NineWire’s managed router service will give you a thorough overview of all your internet traffic, enabling your business to be equipped with the appropriate information to prioritise business traffic and non-business-related traffic.


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