Network I.T. Assessment

Network I.T. Assessment

Your I.T. systems are the heart of your business –
are they getting the attention they deserve?

To ensure a healthy business, you must keep your I.T. systems in the best possible shape. We offer a complimentary, professional assessment of your I.T. systems and infrastructure – a Network Device and Systems Assessment.

After an in-depth discussion about the systems and their use, our specialist technicians will examine the hardware and network.

Following this assessment, we will also provide you a written report outlining any strengths and weaknesses of your system and where appropriate, how to improve efficiency and security. The entire process is obligation-free and provides you with an independent review of your I.T infrastructure.

Key information about the assessment is detailed as follows:

  • Conducted by professional technicians
  • We attend your business premises at a time that suits you
  • Comprehensive assessment of your I.T. systems and infrastructure
  • Complimentary offer, normally valued at $299


Confirm your server is being backed up properly so you don’t run the risk of losing valuable information and files. We will also check to ensure your data has been tested for recovery, along with reviewing the disaster recovery plan.


We will check your network configurations to make sure they are optimised for maximum speed, performance and security.


Your system will be scanned for Spyware, viruses and other security threats that may have slowed down your network. These issues can have the potential to allow hackers to access your confidential information or cause system crashes.


Technology is constantly changing, which may cause your network to have compatibility issues. We will check to ensure the various computers, servers, software and applications you use every day are not only compatible, but are working together seamlessly.

We can help get your I.T. systems into shape!




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