NineWire Internet

NineWire Internet

Industry-leading metro Ethernet and Fibre

NineWireEthernet is our industry-leading Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) certified product.

NineWire is a wholesaler of Australia’s first telecommunications carrier to be awarded MEF certification.

NineWire can be deployed to meet diverse network architecture needs with bandwidth ranging from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

With MEF certification, our customers can be assured NineWire adheres to the highest industry standard as set by the leading world body for Carrier Ethernet.

Service Overview

NineWireEthernet provides standards-compliant Layer 2 Ethernet services delivered over our MPLS network.

NineWireEthernet is used in various scenarios including: tail circuits to deliver data, voice and internet by a service provider to their end users; national WAN for a large enterprise using multiple metro services; and as a backhaul by telecommunications carriers.

NineWire wholesales an industry-leading Fibre service. It provides hard spliced, uninterrupted,
optical fibre between your designated end points.

Since there are no active devices such as switches and routers between the end points, NineWireFibre is one of the most secure forms of connectivity available in the market.

NineWire has the capacity to carry virtually unlimited bandwidth. Speeds achieved using NineWire depend on the active equipment it connects to at each end. Customers implement 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps ethernet or xWDM connections over our Fibre.

Our wholesale relationship with one of Australia’s largest metropolitan fibre networks ensures that it is available to you at competitive pricing.

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Online Customer Portal: 

Our customer portal offers access to the tools needed to undertake service pre-qualification, quoting, ordering, tracking provisioning status and upgrading.

Quoting and Ordering

The portal validates service delivery addresses using Google Maps and G-NAF (Geocoded National Address File), which is the authoritative address source in Australia, and facilitates the creation of services with a few simple clicks. Quotes can be saved for later use or can be converted to orders with minimal effort.

Tracking Provisioning Status

Once an order is accepted, the service delivery can be tracked in the portal. Delivery of each stage of the service is updated online and also communicated to customers via email.

Coverage Areas

For simplicity of pricing, the portal provides our well-defined coverage areas. NineWire coverage includes the Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne central business districts and is actively expanding.


Top Features

National Coverage

NineWireEthernet is available in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. PIPE Networks offer flat-rate pricing within our continuously expanding Ethernet coverage areas.

Customer Portal

Our feature-rich customer portal provides access to coverage maps, service pre-qualification tools, quoting, ordering, tracking provisioning status and upgrading.

Versatile Network Architectures

NineWireEthernet can be deployed in point-to-point or aggregated architecture. Specific architectures support Q-in-Q for deployment of multiple VLANs. Service redundancy, including CPE and last mile, can be made available on demand.

Maximum Security

NineWire facilitates very secure data transfers because the fibre is dedicated to you and not shared with other customers. This gives you physical separation from any other services and full control of your network.

Fixed Price Model

NineWire is available on a fixed monthly fee. Some carriers charge for bandwidth.

Future Proof

The choice of transmission technology and protocol is completely in your control. Since you install and maintain the hardware, connecting new technologies is relatively simple.


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