Reasons Why Your Business Can’t Afford Not to Have a Disaster Recovery Service

No business large or small, is immune to unexpected disasters whether they are manmade or natural.

Disasters can happen suddenly, without warning and can completely cripple a company and its operations so it’s important to ensure you have a reliable IT disaster recovery plan in place in case disaster strikes.

We are lucky in Melbourne as we don’t have a high rate of things like tornadoes, earthquakes or cyclones, but we do have our fair share of flooding, storms, heatwaves and fires. These types of natural disasters can destroy valuable hardware and stop a business in its tracks. Hardware and software failures, human errors and even power failures can also result in IT disasters, causing a loss of time, money and even customers.

In order to stay competitive in your industry, customer relationships should be one of your highest priorities so a question you need it consider is whether you have the means to maintain your customer contact and continue to operate if disaster strikes. Simply losing customer’s contact details can mean losing valuable sales which can quickly escalate into massive financial setbacks. For small to medium enterprises who are just starting to gain momentum in their industries, this can be catastrophic.

Ninewire are a managed service provider who understand the importance of keeping your business on its feet if disaster strikes. We work alongside you, providing a comprehensive disaster recovery services that will act as your safety net, should the worst case scenario occur.

We identify and eliminate vulnerability points within your network, understand the level of criticality different systems hold. We build a plan for rapid disaster recovery, business continuity and establish and conduct preventative maintenance.

If you would like to chat with us about our disaster recovery and storage backup services, contact us today.