Disaster Recovery and Backup

Ensure business continuity with our experienced team

What would happen to your business in the event of a real disaster?

If you don’t have a backup solution or disaster recovery plan in place, NineWire can design and implement a system to ensure the continuity of your business.

Should you experience an I.T disaster such as a security breach or system break down, NineWire is able to recover data from most media types, whether a single hard drive or a complex raid array. Our I.T. Consultants have extensive experience in data and disaster recovery and will work hard to ensure your business is functional within the shortest possible timeframe.

Our Services

Tailored disaster recovery and backup solutions to minimise risk

Data Recovery
Systems designed and implemented
to mitigate loss of data should
something go wrong.

Cloud Backup
Cloud backup solutions to meet the
needs of your business and ensure

SAN Solutions
Reliable and stable high speed
Storage Area Networks across
shared storage devices.

Smart clustering solutions to provide
continued service when systems fail
without hardware outlays.

High Availability
Solutions specific to high availability
systems to minimise data loss
and downtime.

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