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Impact of Broken Internet Links on Employee’s Productivity

14:01 01 November in Uncategorized

In today’s fast paced world, all successful businesses require a reliable internet connection in order to operate at maximum efficiency. Internet connectivity issues, even for a short time, can impact heavily on operations and employee productivity.

One of the key factors in keeping your team members productive in their roles is momentum. The reliability of your internet connection will play into that and if your employees are working under stop-start conditions, they are not working at maximum efficiency. A connection loss can prompt multiple employees to leave their work stations in order to flag the issue and by the time they return and wait for the connection to be restored, your business has already lost money and your employees have lost their momentum.

Network issues can cause employees to miss online calendar alerts for important meetings, events, scheduled calls and miss can result in missing time crucial emails. This impacts on sales, customer relationships and therefore can translate into a drop in conversion rates. Internet connectivity issues can also affect internal communication systems impacting sales, client data and more.

The good news is at Ninewire, we specialise in IT consulting services that help keep businesses connected 24/7. We use Cisco routers which are known for their scalability, reliability and intelligent software.

Ninewire can manage your routers, ensuring your connection is strong and flag any issues as soon as they arise. Our services include unlimited remote support for monitored internet links, around the clock monitoring with auto ticket creation and alerts, monthly performance reporting and more. Our dedicated team will monitor real-time flow and faults during business hours, improving the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Based in Melbourne, our consulting services can help you stay connected. For more information contact us today.

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