IPv6 Migration

Migrate to Internet Protocol Version 6 with NineWire

Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) is the latest address system for internet devices, providing enhanced network and security capabilities.

NineWire provides advice and support to businesses considering making the switch. With the IPv4 space becoming scarce and increasingly vulnerable,
migration is essential for many companies, particularly those building new networks.

IPv6 has many advantages, such as improved flexibility and faster connectivity. IPv6 is critical for businesses experiencing strong growth and/or planning to adopt new systems or applications.

Ensure you have a network that supports your business objectives and offers greater security. As one of the first Australian businesses to fully migrate to IPv6 when it was first released, NineWire is well placed to handle your migration.

Why Migrate to IPv6

Tailored disaster recovery and backup solutions to minimise risk

Enhance network speed

Reduce bottlenecks

Improve mail & web server access

Simplify security management

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